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Session #6 log

The one where we cleared the Verduran forest of Evil!

So session 6 began as we find the party of Eivin, Gimbro, and Lanliss watching the satyr from the previous play session clapping over us killing off the Tiefling and his elemental. The satyr then after speaking a little poses the party with a riddle “What creature asks but never answers?” Lanliss and Eivin both answer incorrectly, and finally Gimbro answers with “an owl”. To which the satyr responds “yes my friend, very good and remember what I said about my friend the dryad” then she dissapears again. The party travels northward to discover a couple of kobolds one dead and one standing next to a cage, along with a gorilla. Gimbro goes and “speaks” to the gorilla and they hit it off so much it becomes Gimbro’s animal companion. Eivin then buffets the kobold with the fury of the storm, Lanliss moves up swings and misses twice, and then gorilla moves up and totally mauls the kobold by delivering two claws and a brutal bite to the neck. The party continues moving northward to discover two goblins hassling an elk in the middle of a forest clearing. The elk is extremely upset and has visible injuries upon the party’s arrival. Being in this upset state of mind the elk charges the gorilla, while the gorilla moves around the elk to position itself behind one of the goblins. Lanliss moves past the elk and approaches the second goblin landing one solid hit and a miss. Eivin goes to the elk, speaks some calming words and with a touch heals it of some of it’s injuries. The gorilla with 3 solid swings kills the first goblin, while Lanliss follows up on the second goblin with one miss and then a good solid blow ends it’s life as well. Gimbro moves to the elk and tries to calm it further, but sees nothing but fear in it’s eyes. At this time the satyr decides to appear to the party again and says “Well done my friends on not harming the elk, I am proud of you as that must have been a challenge in and of itself.” Then she says “I have another riddle for you, I am a warrior among the flowers, I carry a sword to defend my golden treasure, what am I?” The party responds with the answer that it is a honey bee, to which the satyr says “Well done my friends you are 2 for 2” and proceeds to vanish yet again. The party then travels West some, and turns South to discover two wolves waiting to attack the party from some tall grass, the wolves step out of the grass with their teeth bared and lips curled back. Gimbro and gorilla approach the wolves, Lanliss offers one wolf a chance at diplomacy by taking one of his rations and offering the meat and cheese from it to the wolf. The wolf however ignores the offering and returned to focus on Lanliss. Eivin in the meantime launches a crossbow bolt into the wolf in front of Lanliss hitting it with some amount of force, while the wolf then approaches and misses biting into Lanliss. The other wolf bites and pulls down Gimbro. The gorilla then solidly hits that wolf with several good swings. Lanliss then bludgeons the wolf that tried to attack him to death two solid swings, leaving the wolf wishing it would of just taken the offered food with it’s last few fleeting moments of life. Gimbro then stands and swings at the other wolf taking it down. The satyr then shows up once again after the battle to reward the party for unfortunately having to end the lives of these wolves who had become to feral. The party asks the satyr once again about the sorcerer who is supposedly tearing the forest apart. To which the satyr responds by saying “I am only going to say this, sometimes you just have to go back”, she then walks off in a hurry rather than disappearing. The party decides to quickly follow her only barely keeping up with the pace she set as she headed back to the north and then east, through the clearing where the party left the elk and continuing east and into a clearing with an oak tree that is clearly in a dying state. A dryad that also does not appear to look very well who is also oddly bound in some fashion, and a man wearing robes that Lanliss can identify as a sorcerer by his attire and by what he carries, along with the satyr who is now standing with the other two, and begins to speak to them.

And that is all for now as I have to gather a few more details in order to complete the post, namely the names of the satyr, sorcerer, and dryad.


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