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Session #5 log

The one where we reached Steyr and fought in the Verduran forest

Session #5 begins with the party now after having traveled several hours have reached the city of Wanar which has a stone wall around it with two gates. The party enters Wanar by the south city gate, and walks around in the city until we came to the marketplace and are right outside of a shop that has a sign advertising exotic spices. The party goes into the shop and meets an elf with long dreads who is smoking a long pipe who proceeds to ask us if we are interested in any of his wares of exotic herbs and spices. Eivin asks if he knows where we could find Wanar, to which he says “I am Wanar”. Eivin says that we were sent to see him by his friend Dask, to which Wanar now tells someone else to watch the shop and leads the party down into a hidden network of tunnels which run underneath the shop, the tunnels themselves are very dark and dusty. Wanar gives the party some food and drink and provides us with a place to rest as we had to travel all night long to reach this city in a hurry. The next morning just as Wanar came down into the tunnels to check on the party, a young boy runs up and tells Wanar that the caravan was ambushed and all the packages including the frozen one have been taken. Wanar says “This is terrible we gotta go and get your stuff back, I will loan you some of my fastest horses, and maybe you can beat the raiders before they reach the Verduran forest and the black forks.” “Because if they reach the black forks they will be almost impossible to track”. The party accepts the horses and rushes down the trail with the hopes that we could set up an ambush for the raiders, however by the time the party has reached the forest the raiders themselves are ahead of us and close to the forest entrance. The party rides like hell to catch up to the raiders. Lanliss tries to come up to the right side of the wagon, however the raiders have a druid in their numbers who used some of his powers to slow up Lanliss’ horse. Gimbro rides hard and manages to get beside the wagon on the left side. Eivin gets beside the wagon as well and tries to climb onto the wagon but doesn’t succeed but luckily manages to keep himself on his horse. Lanliss casts some sparks on bushes out in front of the wagon and lights them on fire which spooks the horses and causes them to sway side to side and makes the wagon rock and become somewhat unstable on the road. Gimbro jumps on the horse pulling the wagon and coaxes him to calm down and slow up. Lanliss just manages to jump onto the back of the right before one of the wheels falls off and the wagon comes to a very abrubt and sudden stop.

Combat begins with the raiders who have an elf scout with a bow, a human fighter, and a dwarf druid among their numbers. The fighter who was driving the wagon steps up to Lanliss and just barely misses him, Lanliss tries to return the favor and ends up missing the fighter twice. Gimbro attacks the druid and scratches him. The scout misses with his bow, however the fighter hits Lanliss extremely hard. Lanliss in return bounces back with charging his hand with some electricity and touching it to the fighter’s armor, shocking him. Eivin approaches and heals Lanliss before moving on to get into position to fight the druid. Gimbro and Eivin continue to attack the druid harming him some. The scout continues to miss with his bow. And the fighter continues to pummel Lanliss who can’t seem to do any significant damage back to him. Finally in an act of desperation Lanliss casts his famous spell of lights, sparks, and fireworks out of his hand and into the fighter’s face which paralyzes him. This allows Lanliss to enjoy slowly approaching the fighter and with a look of murderous intent in his eyes to swing his quarterstaff directly at the side of the fighter’s head and crack his skull, to which Lanliss witnessed the life leaving the fighter. Gimbro stays engaging the druid who is somehow masterfully dodging his attacks. Eivin takes a moment to back off and heal the entire party after taking a few solid hits himself. Lanliss proceeds to drink a potion and sneak around the other side of the wagon to approach the remaining two enemies from the other side. However the enemies re-positioned themselves and this didn’t allow things to work out how Lanliss thought they would. However Gimbro keeps pressing the assault, and with the combined help of Lanliss they manage to take down the druid. Eivin keeps firing at the scout and missing, however the scout manages to start making shot after shot count and do much harm to all of the party. Lanliss eventually catches up to the scout and ends him very quickly with a well placed series of staff hits.

Almost immediately after the battle while the party is looking through the enemies gear to loot them, and ent comes walking out of the forest towards the party and states “The forest, it has turned dark. While I was once able to walk through it freely, now all of the animals turn against me and attack me. There is darkness here and something….Unnatural”, and the ent dies right there on the spot. Adlez reveals to the party that as a druid she could feel the darkness looming in the forest and wants us to help her clear it out. Lanliss proceeds to try and convince Adlez to allow him to take a piece of wood off of the ent to make a new quarterstaff, since Lanliss can tell the wood is of very good quality, however negotiations end badly and Lanliss lets the subject drop. Adlez is however convinced that we need to clear the forest immediately, to which Eivin responds by telling her “We cannot help the forest if we cannot even help ourselves. Let’s return to town and rest so we can come back in strength to deal with this evil”. The party returns to Steyr, and Wanar is very happy to see that we are alright and that we could recover all of the wares and packages. The party then rests, and strikes out for the Verduran forest again in the morning.

Upon returning to site of where the ent died, the party comes upon a female Satyr who is sitting there and asks us what the party is doing in “her” forest? And if we were sorcerers who were there to help take over her forest like all of the other ones that had come into the forest recently. Lanliss asked the satyr how the forest belonged to her, and after speaking with her for a few seconds the satyr stated that she no longer wished to speak with Lanliss. However Gimbro using some charm and flattery managed to get her to reveal some more useful information until the satyr decided that she was done speaking with the party and used magic to disappear. The party took a trail in the forest that led to the west, and after walking only a very short distance the party happened upon a Tiefling that was sitting on a large rock, who began to speak with the party but was cut off by Lanliss who yelled at him in abyssal that “I do not speak with weakling demon half-breeds!” This angered the tiefling enough to summon an earth elemental and the battle had begun. The tiefling charged Gimbro who just so happened to be the closest character to him. Then the combined might of Gimbro and Eivin was enough to bring down the tiefling with just a few quick hits, followed by Talon who mightily swung his greatsword and cut the earth elemental in half vertically and ended the battle. Once the tiefling was dead the satyr appeared to the party again and could be seen standing off to the side simply clapping. And this is where session #5 came to an end for the group.


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