Dad's Hideout

Session #4 log

The one where we fled Cassomir in a hurry!

So session 4 began where we left off, in the backroom of the Fri’mage Barb inn. The party of Eivin, Talon, Gimbro, and Lanliss were sitting around a table with Ludbow and Adlez discussing details of selling the ship. However the party decides that we should confront the “princess” about the note we found in the captain’s desk, she says she didn’t know anything about it, or any details about how her brother ended up getting tangled with the pirates either. We decide to leave and go meet up with Ansel Florens about selling the ship.

Upon exiting the inn we are met by 3 men who don’t look friendly at all and the kid who earlier on had pick-pocketed something off of Gimbro. The kid goes to the leader of the 3 men, hands him something and says “These are the guys I saw leaving that boat, and I managed to steal this out of that ones’ pocket.” the leader of these men inspects the candle and mutters a quick “welp, that’s good enough for me, get ’em boys.” The leader steps up to Lanliss and strikes him hard, while one of his henchmen steps up to Talon and misses connecting with a swing on him. Lanliss delivers a touch spell to the leader that has his hands literally crackling with electricity. Talon delivers a harsh blow to one of the henchmen with his mighty greatsword. Eivin then sheds Gozrah’s healing light upon Lanliss healing him of his wounds. Gimbro stabs and connects with the other henchmen. Talon does an impressive swordsmanship display that frightens and demoralizes two of the enemies. Lanliss speaks out loud and says "Trust me I know what I’m doing, and the spell filled with sparks of light and fireworks blast out and cripples two of the enemies where they stand. Talon recognizing the spell used, steps up to the other henchmen and swiftly puts his sword directly through his skull. The other henchmen quickly has his throat slit, and their items are looted. The party then removes the useful gear off of the boss before tying him up and attempting to question him. When the party receives nothing useful out of him, Eivin steps forward and asks Gozreh to bless the man’s soul before proceeding to slit his throat with his knife.

The party then heads back through Cassomir’s busy port district, and notices that an unusually large group of people are starting to look at us weird, and we all start to feel as if we are being followed. The party proceeds to start ducking through buildings and taking back alleys and different turns to lose the tail we feel we have picked up. Then the party enters another back alley only to have what appears as a city guard member standing in front of us in the alley who stops us and says “Why so hasty, being followed are we?” Gimbro and Eivin barely have time to notice a bowman who was hiding behind us, however luck is with the party as he misses all of us horribly. The “guard” flings a javelin at Talon hitting him for some damage. Lanliss flings an icy ray at the guard, and Eivin steps up to the guard and states to him “Gozrah shall reveal your true cowardice”, in the guards mind Eivin has just become a 7 foot tall menacing figure. Talon moves up to the scared guard and swings, injuring him. The bowman proceeds to drop his bow and pull his sword on Gimbro. The scared guard starts to flee, Talon takes oppurtunity of him running and puts a deep sword cut to his back. Lanliss rushes the bowman and hits him with two small minor hits in rapid succession from his staff. Eivin pulls his crossbow on the fleeing guard, fires, and strikes him directly in the back of the head killing him. Lanliss then hits the bowman with two more solid swings from his staff, bludgeoning him to death. The party barely has time to notice that these two “guards” are very dirty and unkempt, very unlike every other guard we had seen in Cassomir, when the party realizes that a huge crowd had gathered to witness the fight, and just perceives to see that the party has just killed two city guardsmen. So the party must flee the scene of the fight in a hurry.

The party reaches the Threegates district of Cassomir where we are met by Ansel who states to the party how Cassomir is a “Great city for oppurtunities and to possibly sell a boat” and then winks at us. We proceed to walk to a nearby garden and discuss selling the ship to Ansel and negotiating a price. The party along with Ansel notice a very large group of guards gathering and stacking up to come into the garden after us. Ansel states that his close friend Dask will be the best person to get all of us out of the city in a hurry and to follow him. Ansel leads the party through back alleys and routes that he knows to lead us away from the guards. The party negotiates the sale of the boat at 4,000 gold and safe passage out of the city, including getting our dwarf ally and Princess Adlez’s brother’s frozen body out by other means. We are introduced to Dask who waits until nightfall to take us to a tunnel entrance near the port district. Dask tells the party that these tunnels will lead the party outside of the city, and once outside of the tunnels to head north to the city of Steyr to meet another contact a man by the name of Wanar. He says Steyr is about a days travel north of Cassomir, however Cassomir’s laws do not end outside of the city and we will have to get past the patrols that go up and down the river before we would be safe.

The tunnels are extremely dark and Lanliss casts some magical orbs of light to illuminate our passage. Around the very first corner the party encounters a crocodile. Eivin attempts to flail a torch at the croc to make it go away, however the croc decides to rush Eivin since it doesn’t care for the torch being flailed at it. Gimbro stings the croc with his trusty crossbow, and Talon and Eivin start swinging at the croc hurting it some. Lanliss blasts it with an icy ray which the croc doesn’t like at all. Gimbro fires & misses. The croc then gets ahold and latches onto Eivin trapping him in his mouth. Gimbro stings the croc again a bit harder than the first time, right before Talon strikes it very hard a second time, to which Lanliss pokes straight at the croc’s eye with his staff and kills it. After the party takes trophies from the croc, they continue moving through the tunnels finding them mostly abandoned. That is until the party emerges from one tunnel to find a second crocodile directly in front of all of us. Gimbro uses his speak with animals to convey to the croc that we mean it no harm, and asks the croc if we may pass in peace. The croc says that we can, and we take the final tunnel up to the surface and emerge outside of the city.

The party then rushes north in hopes of avoiding all of the patrols of Cassomir. The party makes it to the river and with the combined skills of the party we manage to build a makeshift raft and avoid detection by two of Cassomir’s river patrol boats and make it to the other side of the river. Which is where session 4 came to an exciting end.


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