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Session #6 log
The one where we cleared the Verduran forest of Evil!

So session 6 began as we find the party of Eivin, Gimbro, and Lanliss watching the satyr from the previous play session clapping over us killing off the Tiefling and his elemental. The satyr then after speaking a little poses the party with a riddle “What creature asks but never answers?” Lanliss and Eivin both answer incorrectly, and finally Gimbro answers with “an owl”. To which the satyr responds “yes my friend, very good and remember what I said about my friend the dryad” then she dissapears again. The party travels northward to discover a couple of kobolds one dead and one standing next to a cage, along with a gorilla. Gimbro goes and “speaks” to the gorilla and they hit it off so much it becomes Gimbro’s animal companion. Eivin then buffets the kobold with the fury of the storm, Lanliss moves up swings and misses twice, and then gorilla moves up and totally mauls the kobold by delivering two claws and a brutal bite to the neck. The party continues moving northward to discover two goblins hassling an elk in the middle of a forest clearing. The elk is extremely upset and has visible injuries upon the party’s arrival. Being in this upset state of mind the elk charges the gorilla, while the gorilla moves around the elk to position itself behind one of the goblins. Lanliss moves past the elk and approaches the second goblin landing one solid hit and a miss. Eivin goes to the elk, speaks some calming words and with a touch heals it of some of it’s injuries. The gorilla with 3 solid swings kills the first goblin, while Lanliss follows up on the second goblin with one miss and then a good solid blow ends it’s life as well. Gimbro moves to the elk and tries to calm it further, but sees nothing but fear in it’s eyes. At this time the satyr decides to appear to the party again and says “Well done my friends on not harming the elk, I am proud of you as that must have been a challenge in and of itself.” Then she says “I have another riddle for you, I am a warrior among the flowers, I carry a sword to defend my golden treasure, what am I?” The party responds with the answer that it is a honey bee, to which the satyr says “Well done my friends you are 2 for 2” and proceeds to vanish yet again. The party then travels West some, and turns South to discover two wolves waiting to attack the party from some tall grass, the wolves step out of the grass with their teeth bared and lips curled back. Gimbro and gorilla approach the wolves, Lanliss offers one wolf a chance at diplomacy by taking one of his rations and offering the meat and cheese from it to the wolf. The wolf however ignores the offering and returned to focus on Lanliss. Eivin in the meantime launches a crossbow bolt into the wolf in front of Lanliss hitting it with some amount of force, while the wolf then approaches and misses biting into Lanliss. The other wolf bites and pulls down Gimbro. The gorilla then solidly hits that wolf with several good swings. Lanliss then bludgeons the wolf that tried to attack him to death two solid swings, leaving the wolf wishing it would of just taken the offered food with it’s last few fleeting moments of life. Gimbro then stands and swings at the other wolf taking it down. The satyr then shows up once again after the battle to reward the party for unfortunately having to end the lives of these wolves who had become to feral. The party asks the satyr once again about the sorcerer who is supposedly tearing the forest apart. To which the satyr responds by saying “I am only going to say this, sometimes you just have to go back”, she then walks off in a hurry rather than disappearing. The party decides to quickly follow her only barely keeping up with the pace she set as she headed back to the north and then east, through the clearing where the party left the elk and continuing east and into a clearing with an oak tree that is clearly in a dying state. A dryad that also does not appear to look very well who is also oddly bound in some fashion, and a man wearing robes that Lanliss can identify as a sorcerer by his attire and by what he carries, along with the satyr who is now standing with the other two, and begins to speak to them.

And that is all for now as I have to gather a few more details in order to complete the post, namely the names of the satyr, sorcerer, and dryad.

Session #5 log
The one where we reached Steyr and fought in the Verduran forest

Session #5 begins with the party now after having traveled several hours have reached the city of Wanar which has a stone wall around it with two gates. The party enters Wanar by the south city gate, and walks around in the city until we came to the marketplace and are right outside of a shop that has a sign advertising exotic spices. The party goes into the shop and meets an elf with long dreads who is smoking a long pipe who proceeds to ask us if we are interested in any of his wares of exotic herbs and spices. Eivin asks if he knows where we could find Wanar, to which he says “I am Wanar”. Eivin says that we were sent to see him by his friend Dask, to which Wanar now tells someone else to watch the shop and leads the party down into a hidden network of tunnels which run underneath the shop, the tunnels themselves are very dark and dusty. Wanar gives the party some food and drink and provides us with a place to rest as we had to travel all night long to reach this city in a hurry. The next morning just as Wanar came down into the tunnels to check on the party, a young boy runs up and tells Wanar that the caravan was ambushed and all the packages including the frozen one have been taken. Wanar says “This is terrible we gotta go and get your stuff back, I will loan you some of my fastest horses, and maybe you can beat the raiders before they reach the Verduran forest and the black forks.” “Because if they reach the black forks they will be almost impossible to track”. The party accepts the horses and rushes down the trail with the hopes that we could set up an ambush for the raiders, however by the time the party has reached the forest the raiders themselves are ahead of us and close to the forest entrance. The party rides like hell to catch up to the raiders. Lanliss tries to come up to the right side of the wagon, however the raiders have a druid in their numbers who used some of his powers to slow up Lanliss’ horse. Gimbro rides hard and manages to get beside the wagon on the left side. Eivin gets beside the wagon as well and tries to climb onto the wagon but doesn’t succeed but luckily manages to keep himself on his horse. Lanliss casts some sparks on bushes out in front of the wagon and lights them on fire which spooks the horses and causes them to sway side to side and makes the wagon rock and become somewhat unstable on the road. Gimbro jumps on the horse pulling the wagon and coaxes him to calm down and slow up. Lanliss just manages to jump onto the back of the right before one of the wheels falls off and the wagon comes to a very abrubt and sudden stop.

Combat begins with the raiders who have an elf scout with a bow, a human fighter, and a dwarf druid among their numbers. The fighter who was driving the wagon steps up to Lanliss and just barely misses him, Lanliss tries to return the favor and ends up missing the fighter twice. Gimbro attacks the druid and scratches him. The scout misses with his bow, however the fighter hits Lanliss extremely hard. Lanliss in return bounces back with charging his hand with some electricity and touching it to the fighter’s armor, shocking him. Eivin approaches and heals Lanliss before moving on to get into position to fight the druid. Gimbro and Eivin continue to attack the druid harming him some. The scout continues to miss with his bow. And the fighter continues to pummel Lanliss who can’t seem to do any significant damage back to him. Finally in an act of desperation Lanliss casts his famous spell of lights, sparks, and fireworks out of his hand and into the fighter’s face which paralyzes him. This allows Lanliss to enjoy slowly approaching the fighter and with a look of murderous intent in his eyes to swing his quarterstaff directly at the side of the fighter’s head and crack his skull, to which Lanliss witnessed the life leaving the fighter. Gimbro stays engaging the druid who is somehow masterfully dodging his attacks. Eivin takes a moment to back off and heal the entire party after taking a few solid hits himself. Lanliss proceeds to drink a potion and sneak around the other side of the wagon to approach the remaining two enemies from the other side. However the enemies re-positioned themselves and this didn’t allow things to work out how Lanliss thought they would. However Gimbro keeps pressing the assault, and with the combined help of Lanliss they manage to take down the druid. Eivin keeps firing at the scout and missing, however the scout manages to start making shot after shot count and do much harm to all of the party. Lanliss eventually catches up to the scout and ends him very quickly with a well placed series of staff hits.

Almost immediately after the battle while the party is looking through the enemies gear to loot them, and ent comes walking out of the forest towards the party and states “The forest, it has turned dark. While I was once able to walk through it freely, now all of the animals turn against me and attack me. There is darkness here and something….Unnatural”, and the ent dies right there on the spot. Adlez reveals to the party that as a druid she could feel the darkness looming in the forest and wants us to help her clear it out. Lanliss proceeds to try and convince Adlez to allow him to take a piece of wood off of the ent to make a new quarterstaff, since Lanliss can tell the wood is of very good quality, however negotiations end badly and Lanliss lets the subject drop. Adlez is however convinced that we need to clear the forest immediately, to which Eivin responds by telling her “We cannot help the forest if we cannot even help ourselves. Let’s return to town and rest so we can come back in strength to deal with this evil”. The party returns to Steyr, and Wanar is very happy to see that we are alright and that we could recover all of the wares and packages. The party then rests, and strikes out for the Verduran forest again in the morning.

Upon returning to site of where the ent died, the party comes upon a female Satyr who is sitting there and asks us what the party is doing in “her” forest? And if we were sorcerers who were there to help take over her forest like all of the other ones that had come into the forest recently. Lanliss asked the satyr how the forest belonged to her, and after speaking with her for a few seconds the satyr stated that she no longer wished to speak with Lanliss. However Gimbro using some charm and flattery managed to get her to reveal some more useful information until the satyr decided that she was done speaking with the party and used magic to disappear. The party took a trail in the forest that led to the west, and after walking only a very short distance the party happened upon a Tiefling that was sitting on a large rock, who began to speak with the party but was cut off by Lanliss who yelled at him in abyssal that “I do not speak with weakling demon half-breeds!” This angered the tiefling enough to summon an earth elemental and the battle had begun. The tiefling charged Gimbro who just so happened to be the closest character to him. Then the combined might of Gimbro and Eivin was enough to bring down the tiefling with just a few quick hits, followed by Talon who mightily swung his greatsword and cut the earth elemental in half vertically and ended the battle. Once the tiefling was dead the satyr appeared to the party again and could be seen standing off to the side simply clapping. And this is where session #5 came to an end for the group.

Session #4 log
The one where we fled Cassomir in a hurry!

So session 4 began where we left off, in the backroom of the Fri’mage Barb inn. The party of Eivin, Talon, Gimbro, and Lanliss were sitting around a table with Ludbow and Adlez discussing details of selling the ship. However the party decides that we should confront the “princess” about the note we found in the captain’s desk, she says she didn’t know anything about it, or any details about how her brother ended up getting tangled with the pirates either. We decide to leave and go meet up with Ansel Florens about selling the ship.

Upon exiting the inn we are met by 3 men who don’t look friendly at all and the kid who earlier on had pick-pocketed something off of Gimbro. The kid goes to the leader of the 3 men, hands him something and says “These are the guys I saw leaving that boat, and I managed to steal this out of that ones’ pocket.” the leader of these men inspects the candle and mutters a quick “welp, that’s good enough for me, get ’em boys.” The leader steps up to Lanliss and strikes him hard, while one of his henchmen steps up to Talon and misses connecting with a swing on him. Lanliss delivers a touch spell to the leader that has his hands literally crackling with electricity. Talon delivers a harsh blow to one of the henchmen with his mighty greatsword. Eivin then sheds Gozrah’s healing light upon Lanliss healing him of his wounds. Gimbro stabs and connects with the other henchmen. Talon does an impressive swordsmanship display that frightens and demoralizes two of the enemies. Lanliss speaks out loud and says "Trust me I know what I’m doing, and the spell filled with sparks of light and fireworks blast out and cripples two of the enemies where they stand. Talon recognizing the spell used, steps up to the other henchmen and swiftly puts his sword directly through his skull. The other henchmen quickly has his throat slit, and their items are looted. The party then removes the useful gear off of the boss before tying him up and attempting to question him. When the party receives nothing useful out of him, Eivin steps forward and asks Gozreh to bless the man’s soul before proceeding to slit his throat with his knife.

The party then heads back through Cassomir’s busy port district, and notices that an unusually large group of people are starting to look at us weird, and we all start to feel as if we are being followed. The party proceeds to start ducking through buildings and taking back alleys and different turns to lose the tail we feel we have picked up. Then the party enters another back alley only to have what appears as a city guard member standing in front of us in the alley who stops us and says “Why so hasty, being followed are we?” Gimbro and Eivin barely have time to notice a bowman who was hiding behind us, however luck is with the party as he misses all of us horribly. The “guard” flings a javelin at Talon hitting him for some damage. Lanliss flings an icy ray at the guard, and Eivin steps up to the guard and states to him “Gozrah shall reveal your true cowardice”, in the guards mind Eivin has just become a 7 foot tall menacing figure. Talon moves up to the scared guard and swings, injuring him. The bowman proceeds to drop his bow and pull his sword on Gimbro. The scared guard starts to flee, Talon takes oppurtunity of him running and puts a deep sword cut to his back. Lanliss rushes the bowman and hits him with two small minor hits in rapid succession from his staff. Eivin pulls his crossbow on the fleeing guard, fires, and strikes him directly in the back of the head killing him. Lanliss then hits the bowman with two more solid swings from his staff, bludgeoning him to death. The party barely has time to notice that these two “guards” are very dirty and unkempt, very unlike every other guard we had seen in Cassomir, when the party realizes that a huge crowd had gathered to witness the fight, and just perceives to see that the party has just killed two city guardsmen. So the party must flee the scene of the fight in a hurry.

The party reaches the Threegates district of Cassomir where we are met by Ansel who states to the party how Cassomir is a “Great city for oppurtunities and to possibly sell a boat” and then winks at us. We proceed to walk to a nearby garden and discuss selling the ship to Ansel and negotiating a price. The party along with Ansel notice a very large group of guards gathering and stacking up to come into the garden after us. Ansel states that his close friend Dask will be the best person to get all of us out of the city in a hurry and to follow him. Ansel leads the party through back alleys and routes that he knows to lead us away from the guards. The party negotiates the sale of the boat at 4,000 gold and safe passage out of the city, including getting our dwarf ally and Princess Adlez’s brother’s frozen body out by other means. We are introduced to Dask who waits until nightfall to take us to a tunnel entrance near the port district. Dask tells the party that these tunnels will lead the party outside of the city, and once outside of the tunnels to head north to the city of Steyr to meet another contact a man by the name of Wanar. He says Steyr is about a days travel north of Cassomir, however Cassomir’s laws do not end outside of the city and we will have to get past the patrols that go up and down the river before we would be safe.

The tunnels are extremely dark and Lanliss casts some magical orbs of light to illuminate our passage. Around the very first corner the party encounters a crocodile. Eivin attempts to flail a torch at the croc to make it go away, however the croc decides to rush Eivin since it doesn’t care for the torch being flailed at it. Gimbro stings the croc with his trusty crossbow, and Talon and Eivin start swinging at the croc hurting it some. Lanliss blasts it with an icy ray which the croc doesn’t like at all. Gimbro fires & misses. The croc then gets ahold and latches onto Eivin trapping him in his mouth. Gimbro stings the croc again a bit harder than the first time, right before Talon strikes it very hard a second time, to which Lanliss pokes straight at the croc’s eye with his staff and kills it. After the party takes trophies from the croc, they continue moving through the tunnels finding them mostly abandoned. That is until the party emerges from one tunnel to find a second crocodile directly in front of all of us. Gimbro uses his speak with animals to convey to the croc that we mean it no harm, and asks the croc if we may pass in peace. The croc says that we can, and we take the final tunnel up to the surface and emerge outside of the city.

The party then rushes north in hopes of avoiding all of the patrols of Cassomir. The party makes it to the river and with the combined skills of the party we manage to build a makeshift raft and avoid detection by two of Cassomir’s river patrol boats and make it to the other side of the river. Which is where session 4 came to an exciting end.

Session #3 log
The one where we arrived at Cassomir & it's Intrigue
This session’s adventure began where we left off from the last time, sitting at the table of the boat we just cleared out and took possession of. We were introduced to an Isabelle Palper from Wood’s Edge who started babbling on about prophecies regarding Princess Adlez, and made the statement that Adlez is no Arroden. But that there is a prophecy that states when the three crests are aligned, Adlez will be revealed to all, but will bring balance to the world. After the party feasted and was finished speaking, all members went off to find their own place to sleep. Later that evening Lanliss was struck with horrible nightmares that were so real and vivid to him it pulled him out of his sleep and he woke afraid. However Eivin was sleeping lightly enough to notice a small dark figure that was heading for the captain’s quarters where the princess was staying. Eivin approached the figure from behind and pulled his knife on him, slashing him slightly on the back of the neck. He would identify himself to Eivin as someone who was hired by the prince to check the security aboard the ship we were currently on. About that time the party hears a commotion coming from the captain’s quarters. The party looks to find the princess being approached by what was identified as a member of the “Red Mantis” assassins guild, wearing her tightly fitting red and black outfit and having on the mantis helmet. The assassin reaches out and smacks the princess aside and draws a sword to confront the new opponents who have stepped forward to challenger her. Then Gimbro reaches out and fires a bolt with his hand crossbow missing the mark of the assassin. Lanliss approaches to somewhat assess the situation and fires a minor cold blast at the assassin, and the sudden rush of adrenaline from the combat helped Lanliss break his fear, while Eivin moves aside and bolsters himself with a barrier of pure faith in his deity. The assassin tries to get a quick shot in on Lanliss who rolls his shoulder slightly and the bolt flies wide of him. Gimbro realizing he has not been fully seen decides to see if he can stealthfully move around to get into a better position for fighting this assassin. Lanliss approaches the enemy and decides to start in a whole staff technique only to find this enemy knew just how to counter the incoming swings, Lanliss comments to the assassin “I see you are familiar with the Staff Magi style.” The battle rages on and Lanliss continues to lay the pressure using different staff techniques of his training eventually raining in blows on the enemy. Eivin sees Lanliss making progress harming this enemy and decides to step in and put more pressure on the assassin, Gimbro finally moves into the position he wants and stabs at the assassin from behind. Eventually the assassin sees that she has lost her edge and pushes aside both Lanliss and Eivin to run up on to the deck of the ship and jump overboard to start swimming. Upon a closer inspection of the ship the party finds that Isabelle is gone from the ship and the party has found a bloody ripped scrap of the shirt that Isabelle was wearing earlier in that evening. The rest of the party is formally introduced to Gimbro, and a long conversation follows among the adventurers and the princess. Eventually with help from Eivin steering the boat, the ship along with the party arrives outside of Cassomir. Where a tiny craft approaches the party’s ship and only to get a little too close and a crewmember on board say “Look out you fools or you will hit us!” With the skill of a true sailor Eivin successfully manages to steer our craft out of the way and miss this smaller boat. A halfling on board the smaller boat calls out and asks if he and his men can board the ship to search it for illegal items, if they find nothing we can pay the 10 gold harbor entrance fee, if they find something they seize the ship and everything on the ship. After the 10 heavily armored and armed men made their way around the party’s ship and discovers nothing out of the ordinary except the body of the dead elf prince, Eivin pays the halfling the 10 gold fee, and the ship is allowed to dock. Upon reaching the docks, the party is again greeted by a man named Bretten Meadow, stating to us that he is the harbor caretaker of Cassomir’s port and that it is also 10 gold to dock the ship there and then 5 gold per day the ship remains in port. The party pays him 20 gold up front and follows princess Adlez as she tries to recall where abouts she may find her contact. The party along with the princess decide to head to the northern part of Cassomir which is also the nicer looking part of town. Then suddenly out of nowhere there were two dragons in the sky who attacked with an aerial barrage on an old tower almost directly in middle of the city of Cassomir. The tower begins to buckle as it shows signs of falling and all the citizens are trying to flee to safety, that is all except a halfling father and his two children that are stunned and directly in the path of the tower that is about to fall. Seeing this family in jeopardy the party jumps into motion with Gimbro using his high agility to tumble and weave his way through the panicking crowd to head towards the family. Eivin takes of running the family’s direction yelling at them to try and break them from their stunned state and get them running. Lanliss sees a horse and mounts up and races towards the family passing Gimbro but not quite reaching the family before Gimbro. Gimbro takes it upon himself to take up the children and get them to the relative safety of a sheltered spot that Eivin located with his sharp vision. Lanliss attempts to then pull the father up on the horse behind him to move quickly out of the danger zone, but the panicked father ends up pulling Lanliss from the saddle and he falls, however with a little assistance from Eivin, Lanliss is able to get himself and the father into the shelter and out of harm’s way. Then the local guards approach the party and thank them for what they have done, and tell the party members that he is not allowed to speak of the dragons, however he directs us towards a treasure hunter named Glenpen Merox who may know more about the dragons. The party then decides to try and catch up to this Glenpen and speak with him in regards to the dragons, however one of his personal guards states that Glenpen is preparing to leave on a journey and would be unavailable very soon, and asked the party to deposit it’s weapons in a storage box if we wanted into the house. To which all items were placed into the box but Lanliss quarterstaff, er I mean walking stick. The party gets inside to see a busy scene of Glenpen’s servants loading up a horse drawn cart. The party manages to get Glenpen’s attention however he states to us that he doesn’t have time to speak to us and says for us to come back in one months time if we wanted to know more about the dragons. to which all present party members found to be quite disappointing. The party members then continued to follow behind the princess to try and find her contact. After the princess walks around for awhile she tells the party that the buildings in this part of the city are too fine to be where her contact is from. So princess Adlez then leads the party to the older more run down part of the town to a small tavern that she tells the party we will find her contact in there. The party and the princess enter the tavern and the princess walks to the back of the tavern, then several minutes later a man walks out and tells the party that if we wanted to meet this contact to follow him. Eivin decides to hold back and watch Gimbro’s and Lanliss’ backs. When those two reach the back room, we then see the princess walking in crossing arms with a very flamboyantly dressed man who is introduced as Ludbow bard to Cassomir and friend of the princess. The princess seems to enjoy Ludbow’s company and jokes very much by all appearance to Gimbro and Lanliss. Ludbow then proceeds to tell us that the boat we came into Cassomir on is itself a very wanted well-known and traveled ship. So going with Lanliss plan to recommission the ship under another name will not work to throw enemies off of the ships tail. So Ludbow suggests that the party sell the ship as fast as possible, and that he may know of a friend of his that would buy it off of us. A few more questions were asked of Ludbow in regards to this business transaction, but he decides it best not to answer, and to not make any promises that he cannot fulfill. Lanliss then proceeds to head to the table where Eivin was still seated at and suggest this plan to Eivin. And the session finished of at this point in Cassomir with much hidden agenda and intrigue going on.
An Elven Prophecy

When three crests form no longer will she be hidden, but bring balance to the land.

In Context

After saving the life of Princess Adlez the party is made aware of an Elven prophecy. The person that informed them of this is a recent captive of the Black Pearl pirates named Isabelle. She went missing after an assassin tried to claim Adlez’s life and failed.

Unlock it's Treasures

When all is done bring me the ship to Woodsedge and I will unlock its treasures. Your debt to me will be paid in full.

In Context

Rummaging through the pockets of the dead captain the party found a key to the captain’s desk. They opened the desk draw and found some coin and this note.

Captain Jack Sparrow


Art by Brian Belew

Session #2 log
The one where in we cleared out the boat

So session 2 began with a scene of a lone dwarf who had become surrounded by hostiles. A small human comes up and sticks Falcon in the back. Falcon responds by killing one with a single swing with his mighty greataxe. The fight continued with Falcon taking the arm off another henchmen and eluding the attackers, when all at once a hidden aggressor comes out of the bushes with a bow and shoots Falcon in the back knocking him out, and he was dragged off.

It then jumped to the party of Talon, Eivin, and Lanliss who had just made it aboard the ship heard a long conversation between 2 people about Captain Reice and how sick of a man he was. Lanliss used a minor spell to project some lights off to the side of the ship to serve as a distraction to the men on the deck, while Eivin tried to grab the one who was steering the boats ankles and pull him down. Talon proceeded to take out an enemy with one mighty swing of his sword. Lanliss throws a green sphere of magical force at the one steering the boat striking true at him and proceeds to reach the crate where the party’s weapons were stored, and finally retrieves his trusty quarterstaff. The third enemy on deck approaches Lanliss and strikes him hard, to which Lanliss responds with a strike so hard it threw the enemy overboard, even though he was dead before he hit the water. Eivin then conjures icicles out of thin air which struck the one steering the boat and finished him off. The rest of the party retrieves their gear, however some other crew members on the deck must have heard some commotion so they approached to see what was going on only to have Lanliss approach the first on and receive a crack to the neck from Lanliss’ staff that sent him tumbling over and broke his neck. And the second to have about enough time to take an arrow to the neck skillfully fired by Talon.
The party proceeds to move below deck to which we found two more crewmates. Lanliss approached the closest one and quickly gave him two quick cracks to the body with his staff. Eivin steps up and tells this crewmate “We are here for your funeral” and proceeds to shoot him in the face with his crossbow. The other crewmember yells “Father NOOOOO!!!” and charges Eivin, however he was too emotional to connect with a hit. Lanliss follows up with a good crack to the skull and kills this crewmember. The party then frees and meets Falcon for the first time, however while getting to know him an old sea hag comes up and uses magic against Talon. By far she seemed the most skilled of any of the crew for avoiding the party’s attacks until all at once Talon came down with a mighty swing of the sword catching her just under the neck and slicing through flesh all the way to her heart. Eivin finds another slave in a crate and proceeds to free her. Then the party proceeds around a large group of crates just in time to witness one last crewmember the captain of the ship pulling his sword out of the body of a male elf, and start approaching a female elf who is quivering in the corner. Falcon rushes up and takes a good swing at the captain. Lanliss approaches to attack but the captain was quicker than Lanliss expected and caught him off guard, and knocked Lanliss unconscious. Eivin steps forward and invokes the name of his god to spare Lanliss from death. Talon approaches, and Talon and Falcon proceed to continue fighting with the captain. Eivin then invokes Gozrah to hit the captain with the mailstrom of the storm, and then finally takes him out with a shot from his crossbow. Eivin then heals the party, and we proceed to find out that the elf female we just saved is Princess Adlez of Kyonin. Adlez asked the party if we could escort her back to the Kyonin capital city of Iadara, to which we agreed seeing as we just recently came into ownership of our very own fine sailing vessel. We agreed to get the ship as far a Cossamir, where we can get some help and get an experienced crew on board to continue the journey to Iadara. And that is where session 2 came to an end for our motley band of heroes.

Stay tuned for what will happen in session 3.

What a first Play session

So the first sit down and play session for the Dad’s Hideout campaign consisted of 3 of our players starting off in the darkness of crates and being carried somewhere. Suddenly our crates were dropped and we were exposed to the outer world seeing that we were in middle of a busy marketplace. And there were a group of men trying to get us and put our characters back into the crates, so they could make their delivery to the people they were working for. The enemies included a big bald fat shirtless guy, what I am assuming was a half-orc, a guy with a sword and shield, and a ninja looking guy. A long battle ensued and once the battle started Talon and Eivin instantly checked their surroundings for makeshift weapons and found a bunch of “masterwork” broken boards from the crates, and wielded them as clubs towards the enemies, while Lanliss took a few steps back to assess the situation and proceeded to give of a light magical barrage of rays of frost. A little later Lanliss found a knife on one of the marketplace carts and picked it up to keep it handy. The battle continued with all party members fighting for their very lives and their freedom. Both Talon and Eivin made several good strikes against the enemies with their boards, while Lanliss moved into a more opportune fighting position. Eivin backed off from the enemies a little bit and called forth the power of his deity to blast the bad guys with the power of the storm, and Lanliss stepped in and seeing a few of the enemies bunched up unleashed a blast of dazzling color some might describe as being like fireworks, and completely incapacitated one of the foes. The leader of the group closed in on Lanliss, Talon tried to help out by picking up a second board and flinging it at the enemy leader to take some pressure off of Lanliss. Eventually the enemy leader would get the best of Lanliss and knock him unconscious, while Talon would eventually take control of the sword that was present during the confrontation. Eivin healed Lanliss allowing him to stand up and help to finish the fight along with Eivin and Talon. The enemy that was incapacitated was tied up and was squeezed for a little bit of information, after Lanliss got his wits about him he realized that he was in Almas his home city where he had previously been traveling too, before getting captured. The captured enemy revealed to the party that Captain Reice of the Eagle Knights is hosting underground “fight clubs” which is where we were being taken too. Then the captured enemy revealed that all of our gear and weapons were on board the ship at the docks that was just getting under way. The party turned and seeing the busy marketplace used all of their talents and skills to break through the crowd and get on board the ship. Talon just pushed his way through the crowd and yelled at them to “get out of my way” while wielding the sword threateningly at them. Lanliss ducked and dodged and weaved his way through the crowd. Eivin looked for alternate or less crowded pathways to no avail. And Lanliss knowing the city better than the other two party members took the best “short-cut” he knew by getting onto the rooftops of the busy city and making his way “over” the crowded street, and just reaching a rope on the ship in time to get ahold of it and help Talon and Eivin onto the boat. This is the point where session #1 ended. Stay tuned for the log from session 2.


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