Dad's Hideout

What a first Play session

So the first sit down and play session for the Dad’s Hideout campaign consisted of 3 of our players starting off in the darkness of crates and being carried somewhere. Suddenly our crates were dropped and we were exposed to the outer world seeing that we were in middle of a busy marketplace. And there were a group of men trying to get us and put our characters back into the crates, so they could make their delivery to the people they were working for. The enemies included a big bald fat shirtless guy, what I am assuming was a half-orc, a guy with a sword and shield, and a ninja looking guy. A long battle ensued and once the battle started Talon and Eivin instantly checked their surroundings for makeshift weapons and found a bunch of “masterwork” broken boards from the crates, and wielded them as clubs towards the enemies, while Lanliss took a few steps back to assess the situation and proceeded to give of a light magical barrage of rays of frost. A little later Lanliss found a knife on one of the marketplace carts and picked it up to keep it handy. The battle continued with all party members fighting for their very lives and their freedom. Both Talon and Eivin made several good strikes against the enemies with their boards, while Lanliss moved into a more opportune fighting position. Eivin backed off from the enemies a little bit and called forth the power of his deity to blast the bad guys with the power of the storm, and Lanliss stepped in and seeing a few of the enemies bunched up unleashed a blast of dazzling color some might describe as being like fireworks, and completely incapacitated one of the foes. The leader of the group closed in on Lanliss, Talon tried to help out by picking up a second board and flinging it at the enemy leader to take some pressure off of Lanliss. Eventually the enemy leader would get the best of Lanliss and knock him unconscious, while Talon would eventually take control of the sword that was present during the confrontation. Eivin healed Lanliss allowing him to stand up and help to finish the fight along with Eivin and Talon. The enemy that was incapacitated was tied up and was squeezed for a little bit of information, after Lanliss got his wits about him he realized that he was in Almas his home city where he had previously been traveling too, before getting captured. The captured enemy revealed to the party that Captain Reice of the Eagle Knights is hosting underground “fight clubs” which is where we were being taken too. Then the captured enemy revealed that all of our gear and weapons were on board the ship at the docks that was just getting under way. The party turned and seeing the busy marketplace used all of their talents and skills to break through the crowd and get on board the ship. Talon just pushed his way through the crowd and yelled at them to “get out of my way” while wielding the sword threateningly at them. Lanliss ducked and dodged and weaved his way through the crowd. Eivin looked for alternate or less crowded pathways to no avail. And Lanliss knowing the city better than the other two party members took the best “short-cut” he knew by getting onto the rooftops of the busy city and making his way “over” the crowded street, and just reaching a rope on the ship in time to get ahold of it and help Talon and Eivin onto the boat. This is the point where session #1 ended. Stay tuned for the log from session 2.


Nice summary!

What a first Play session

Thanks, I’m going to try and do my best to chronicle every session that we have, and will start this next time by labeling it session #2. I will do my best to make it detailed and vivid and story worthy, and I want to include all the major actions that each character takes, but sometimes I will forget how exactly things play out, so while I am doing this if I miss anything anybody wants noted that their character did or accomplished, or something else noteworthy please let me know and I will edit it to add in that detail.

What a first Play session
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