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Session #3 log

The one where we arrived at Cassomir & it's Intrigue

This session’s adventure began where we left off from the last time, sitting at the table of the boat we just cleared out and took possession of. We were introduced to an Isabelle Palper from Wood’s Edge who started babbling on about prophecies regarding Princess Adlez, and made the statement that Adlez is no Arroden. But that there is a prophecy that states when the three crests are aligned, Adlez will be revealed to all, but will bring balance to the world. After the party feasted and was finished speaking, all members went off to find their own place to sleep. Later that evening Lanliss was struck with horrible nightmares that were so real and vivid to him it pulled him out of his sleep and he woke afraid. However Eivin was sleeping lightly enough to notice a small dark figure that was heading for the captain’s quarters where the princess was staying. Eivin approached the figure from behind and pulled his knife on him, slashing him slightly on the back of the neck. He would identify himself to Eivin as someone who was hired by the prince to check the security aboard the ship we were currently on. About that time the party hears a commotion coming from the captain’s quarters. The party looks to find the princess being approached by what was identified as a member of the “Red Mantis” assassins guild, wearing her tightly fitting red and black outfit and having on the mantis helmet. The assassin reaches out and smacks the princess aside and draws a sword to confront the new opponents who have stepped forward to challenger her. Then Gimbro reaches out and fires a bolt with his hand crossbow missing the mark of the assassin. Lanliss approaches to somewhat assess the situation and fires a minor cold blast at the assassin, and the sudden rush of adrenaline from the combat helped Lanliss break his fear, while Eivin moves aside and bolsters himself with a barrier of pure faith in his deity. The assassin tries to get a quick shot in on Lanliss who rolls his shoulder slightly and the bolt flies wide of him. Gimbro realizing he has not been fully seen decides to see if he can stealthfully move around to get into a better position for fighting this assassin. Lanliss approaches the enemy and decides to start in a whole staff technique only to find this enemy knew just how to counter the incoming swings, Lanliss comments to the assassin “I see you are familiar with the Staff Magi style.” The battle rages on and Lanliss continues to lay the pressure using different staff techniques of his training eventually raining in blows on the enemy. Eivin sees Lanliss making progress harming this enemy and decides to step in and put more pressure on the assassin, Gimbro finally moves into the position he wants and stabs at the assassin from behind. Eventually the assassin sees that she has lost her edge and pushes aside both Lanliss and Eivin to run up on to the deck of the ship and jump overboard to start swimming. Upon a closer inspection of the ship the party finds that Isabelle is gone from the ship and the party has found a bloody ripped scrap of the shirt that Isabelle was wearing earlier in that evening. The rest of the party is formally introduced to Gimbro, and a long conversation follows among the adventurers and the princess. Eventually with help from Eivin steering the boat, the ship along with the party arrives outside of Cassomir. Where a tiny craft approaches the party’s ship and only to get a little too close and a crewmember on board say “Look out you fools or you will hit us!” With the skill of a true sailor Eivin successfully manages to steer our craft out of the way and miss this smaller boat. A halfling on board the smaller boat calls out and asks if he and his men can board the ship to search it for illegal items, if they find nothing we can pay the 10 gold harbor entrance fee, if they find something they seize the ship and everything on the ship. After the 10 heavily armored and armed men made their way around the party’s ship and discovers nothing out of the ordinary except the body of the dead elf prince, Eivin pays the halfling the 10 gold fee, and the ship is allowed to dock. Upon reaching the docks, the party is again greeted by a man named Bretten Meadow, stating to us that he is the harbor caretaker of Cassomir’s port and that it is also 10 gold to dock the ship there and then 5 gold per day the ship remains in port. The party pays him 20 gold up front and follows princess Adlez as she tries to recall where abouts she may find her contact. The party along with the princess decide to head to the northern part of Cassomir which is also the nicer looking part of town. Then suddenly out of nowhere there were two dragons in the sky who attacked with an aerial barrage on an old tower almost directly in middle of the city of Cassomir. The tower begins to buckle as it shows signs of falling and all the citizens are trying to flee to safety, that is all except a halfling father and his two children that are stunned and directly in the path of the tower that is about to fall. Seeing this family in jeopardy the party jumps into motion with Gimbro using his high agility to tumble and weave his way through the panicking crowd to head towards the family. Eivin takes of running the family’s direction yelling at them to try and break them from their stunned state and get them running. Lanliss sees a horse and mounts up and races towards the family passing Gimbro but not quite reaching the family before Gimbro. Gimbro takes it upon himself to take up the children and get them to the relative safety of a sheltered spot that Eivin located with his sharp vision. Lanliss attempts to then pull the father up on the horse behind him to move quickly out of the danger zone, but the panicked father ends up pulling Lanliss from the saddle and he falls, however with a little assistance from Eivin, Lanliss is able to get himself and the father into the shelter and out of harm’s way. Then the local guards approach the party and thank them for what they have done, and tell the party members that he is not allowed to speak of the dragons, however he directs us towards a treasure hunter named Glenpen Merox who may know more about the dragons. The party then decides to try and catch up to this Glenpen and speak with him in regards to the dragons, however one of his personal guards states that Glenpen is preparing to leave on a journey and would be unavailable very soon, and asked the party to deposit it’s weapons in a storage box if we wanted into the house. To which all items were placed into the box but Lanliss quarterstaff, er I mean walking stick. The party gets inside to see a busy scene of Glenpen’s servants loading up a horse drawn cart. The party manages to get Glenpen’s attention however he states to us that he doesn’t have time to speak to us and says for us to come back in one months time if we wanted to know more about the dragons. to which all present party members found to be quite disappointing. The party members then continued to follow behind the princess to try and find her contact. After the princess walks around for awhile she tells the party that the buildings in this part of the city are too fine to be where her contact is from. So princess Adlez then leads the party to the older more run down part of the town to a small tavern that she tells the party we will find her contact in there. The party and the princess enter the tavern and the princess walks to the back of the tavern, then several minutes later a man walks out and tells the party that if we wanted to meet this contact to follow him. Eivin decides to hold back and watch Gimbro’s and Lanliss’ backs. When those two reach the back room, we then see the princess walking in crossing arms with a very flamboyantly dressed man who is introduced as Ludbow bard to Cassomir and friend of the princess. The princess seems to enjoy Ludbow’s company and jokes very much by all appearance to Gimbro and Lanliss. Ludbow then proceeds to tell us that the boat we came into Cassomir on is itself a very wanted well-known and traveled ship. So going with Lanliss plan to recommission the ship under another name will not work to throw enemies off of the ships tail. So Ludbow suggests that the party sell the ship as fast as possible, and that he may know of a friend of his that would buy it off of us. A few more questions were asked of Ludbow in regards to this business transaction, but he decides it best not to answer, and to not make any promises that he cannot fulfill. Lanliss then proceeds to head to the table where Eivin was still seated at and suggest this plan to Eivin. And the session finished of at this point in Cassomir with much hidden agenda and intrigue going on.


Hope this is still good to you all, I was pretty tired when we sat down to play last night, and wasn’t able to take the most accurate notes, so I did what I could with the notes I did take down.

Session #3 log
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