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Session #2 log

The one where in we cleared out the boat

So session 2 began with a scene of a lone dwarf who had become surrounded by hostiles. A small human comes up and sticks Falcon in the back. Falcon responds by killing one with a single swing with his mighty greataxe. The fight continued with Falcon taking the arm off another henchmen and eluding the attackers, when all at once a hidden aggressor comes out of the bushes with a bow and shoots Falcon in the back knocking him out, and he was dragged off.

It then jumped to the party of Talon, Eivin, and Lanliss who had just made it aboard the ship heard a long conversation between 2 people about Captain Reice and how sick of a man he was. Lanliss used a minor spell to project some lights off to the side of the ship to serve as a distraction to the men on the deck, while Eivin tried to grab the one who was steering the boats ankles and pull him down. Talon proceeded to take out an enemy with one mighty swing of his sword. Lanliss throws a green sphere of magical force at the one steering the boat striking true at him and proceeds to reach the crate where the party’s weapons were stored, and finally retrieves his trusty quarterstaff. The third enemy on deck approaches Lanliss and strikes him hard, to which Lanliss responds with a strike so hard it threw the enemy overboard, even though he was dead before he hit the water. Eivin then conjures icicles out of thin air which struck the one steering the boat and finished him off. The rest of the party retrieves their gear, however some other crew members on the deck must have heard some commotion so they approached to see what was going on only to have Lanliss approach the first on and receive a crack to the neck from Lanliss’ staff that sent him tumbling over and broke his neck. And the second to have about enough time to take an arrow to the neck skillfully fired by Talon.
The party proceeds to move below deck to which we found two more crewmates. Lanliss approached the closest one and quickly gave him two quick cracks to the body with his staff. Eivin steps up and tells this crewmate “We are here for your funeral” and proceeds to shoot him in the face with his crossbow. The other crewmember yells “Father NOOOOO!!!” and charges Eivin, however he was too emotional to connect with a hit. Lanliss follows up with a good crack to the skull and kills this crewmember. The party then frees and meets Falcon for the first time, however while getting to know him an old sea hag comes up and uses magic against Talon. By far she seemed the most skilled of any of the crew for avoiding the party’s attacks until all at once Talon came down with a mighty swing of the sword catching her just under the neck and slicing through flesh all the way to her heart. Eivin finds another slave in a crate and proceeds to free her. Then the party proceeds around a large group of crates just in time to witness one last crewmember the captain of the ship pulling his sword out of the body of a male elf, and start approaching a female elf who is quivering in the corner. Falcon rushes up and takes a good swing at the captain. Lanliss approaches to attack but the captain was quicker than Lanliss expected and caught him off guard, and knocked Lanliss unconscious. Eivin steps forward and invokes the name of his god to spare Lanliss from death. Talon approaches, and Talon and Falcon proceed to continue fighting with the captain. Eivin then invokes Gozrah to hit the captain with the mailstrom of the storm, and then finally takes him out with a shot from his crossbow. Eivin then heals the party, and we proceed to find out that the elf female we just saved is Princess Adlez of Kyonin. Adlez asked the party if we could escort her back to the Kyonin capital city of Iadara, to which we agreed seeing as we just recently came into ownership of our very own fine sailing vessel. We agreed to get the ship as far a Cossamir, where we can get some help and get an experienced crew on board to continue the journey to Iadara. And that is where session 2 came to an end for our motley band of heroes.

Stay tuned for what will happen in session 3.


Wow! Fantastic recall of our adventure. How do you remember all those details? I think a book is to be made! I’m all caught up now, haha.

Session #2 log

Actually Mario, while we are sitting down and playing and having all of our fun banter and all, I am in the background taking notes of events that are happening by writing them down on a notepad, then when I type up the adventure log I add in a little bit of stylelistic of my own imagination and storytelling ability to make this adventure log what it is, and I am happy to do so, as to me story is about 60% of what makes roleplaying so much fun to me.

What also really helps out with the storytelling part of these recalls is how Marc has us tell how in detail our characters take out certain enemies as it is happening.

Session #2 log

Also like I mentioned on the log of the first session, I am trying really hard to take all of these notes and make sure all of the notable story worthy stuff gets mentioned. However, if I do happen to miss something, please just message and I will find the appropriate place in the log to edit/add it in. Trust me, I won’t be mad about it if I missed something, I will be more glad to get it in there and include in the storyline.

Session #2 log
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